The Flint Study is a large community-based research project that is focused on the vivid history of Flint and the residents who call the city home. By directly interacting with Flint residents and collaborating with other stakeholders in the city, we seek to better understand how the city operates--or doesn't--to humanistically and consistently meet social and economic needs in Flint.

Our first set of research findings published in Journal of Urban Health

We recently published a new article in the Journal of Urban Health focusing on the "first wave" of our research in Flint. Our article, titled, A Population-Based Assessment of Physical Symptoms and Mental Health Outcomes Among Adults Following the Flint Water Crisis, explores some of the key health outcomes among...

What is a Crisis?

How do you define a crisis? What are the ingredients, and how would you measure them?  Is a crisis a singular event, or a series of events? Better yet, what do you think of when you think of a crisis? Is a crisis an event like Hurricane Katrina which rocked...

Surveys in Flint This Summer

This summer, we conducted a sequence of in-depth interviews and contextual surveys with Flint residents and a handful of professional stakeholders in the area whom have been involved in recovery efforts. Through this process, we had the opportunity to learn, both broadly and in very nuanced ways, about people's experiences...

Welcome to the Flint Community Engagement Project website!

Welcome to the *official* launch of The Flint Community Engagement Project! The Flint Community Engagement Project (or simply The Flint Study) is a three-year research project focused on understanding the role of deindustrialization and community disinvestment in influencing health outcomes and political engagement in Flint. The goal of this interdisciplinary...

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