Welcome to the *official* launch of The Flint Community Engagement Project! The Flint Community Engagement Project (or simply The Flint Study) is a three-year research project focused on understanding the role of deindustrialization and community disinvestment in influencing health outcomes and political engagement in Flint. The goal of this interdisciplinary work is to help clarify and sharpen our collective understanding of how health and social inequality is produced and reproduced through public policy in “post-industrial” communities like Flint.

Appended to this post is an acrylic painting from Michelle Garcia simply titled “Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan.” This painting may, for some, remember them of the truly sentient nature of water, while no doubt also elucidating the hazards that our water–sometimes visibly, sometimes invisibly–presents us.

You can learn more about the project and myself by clicking here. This blog will be periodically updated with news and findings related to the research being done, and data collected from this work will also be shared.You can reach me at jerel (at) uchicago.edu!



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